Streets of Silver


Our Issuing Address for our Ripple IOUs is rVSB2uzC9cjKfoMQdpQW78qUdSkdHiU4y.  You may trust this address for XAG, XAU, XPD, XPT, CAD, USD, BTC, and ETH.  The Ripple account that we use to make markets with our corporate financial assets is rG83NMzArGuNPWyVyumuQLkj3EVJsrkDbA.  The Ripple account that we hold our revenue within and draw expenses from is rEhdYrfayM4SQyww1qUSRoNVcbkpUoyBuf


For more resources such as where to start with a Ripple Client and tutorials on how to interact with the Ripple Consensus Ledger click here.  The Ripple Gateway operates from 9am to 4:30pm EST weekdays.  We are open on some weekends between 1pm-5pm EST.  We are closed on all statutory holidays.  Please note that deposit and withdrawal requests are dealt with in the order in which they are received.  For all questions and feedback about our Ripple Gateway, please use our contact page to get in touch.


Streets of Silver has three main goals as a company: to offer a good user experience, to allow everyone to invest into cryptocurrency and in the Distributed Ledger Technology that is the Ripple Consensus Ledger, and to promote the growth of the ledger.  To stay up to date with news about our Ripple Gateway click here for our news and announcements section and follow us on Twitter @StreetsSilver.


Terms of Service


Please view and download our Terms of Service via this PDF.


Our Money Services Business Registration Number is M16017510.